Telstra’s Music Streaming Service MOG Has A Death Date

Telstra’s Music Streaming Service MOG Has A Death Date

When streaming music service MOG closed its doors in the US last year, nothing much changed with its Telstra-run Australian presence, though you always got the feeling it was operating on borrowed time. Come the end of August, that time will run out.

According to an FAQ / statement on BigPond Music, there will be no consolation prizes for current users — come 31 August, MOG will cease to exist and subscribers will no longer be able to access any of its features or content. The mobile app will also become a software dead water, with the FAQ even recommending you just delete it from your device.

Until the fateful date, you’ll still be able to use MOG, though you’re free to cancel your subscription before then.

As The Age’s Ben Grubb points out, it’s hard to know how many people will be affected, as there are no available numbers on users. That said, I’m sure if it was making money hand-over-fist, Telstra would have found a way to keep it going.

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