Telstra Finally Unveils Carrier Billing For Apple Music, Offers Free Subscriptions

Telstra Finally Unveils Carrier Billing For Apple Music, Offers Free Subscriptions

Here’s how to get free Apple Music after your three-month trial subscription ends: switch to Telstra.

On new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus plans across both 12- and 24-month contract options, Telstra will be giving customers a free year of Apple Music on Go Mobile plans.

We’re also led to believe that the carrier is implementing carrier-side billing for Apple Music, allowing the subscription cost to appear on your monthly Telstra statement, rather than come out of your iTunes account.

Telstra hasn’t explicitly said that it will do carrier billing for Apple Music, however the terms and conditions of the free subscription offer indicate that the telco will start charging you for your music service after 12 months:

If you sign up and agree to T&Cs to put Apple Music on your Telstra account this will roll on to a paying subscription at the end of the trial / free period unless you cancel it. You will receive an SMS 3 days prior to rolling over to a paid subscription.

It’s unlikely that Telstra can shunt you from a free subscription onto a recurring bill cycle on your iTunes account as is the case with almost all Apple Music subscriptions, hence the assumption that carrier-side billing will be in place after 12 month.

Plus, since the launch of Apple Music, some Telstra customers have seen dialog boxes on their apps indicating that carrier billing was available, although these customers have been unable to complete the requests for said billing option.

Despite the fact that Telstra is getting cosy with Apple Music in the lead up to MOG’s untimely shuttering in Australia, the telco won’t be unmetering data from Apple’s new streaming service. In large letters at the top of Telstra’s offer page for the bundled music offer reads the words “data charges apply”. Best get yourself a data pack on that Go Mobile plan, readers. [Telstra]