Spooks Keep Finding Classified Information In Hillary’s Private Emails

Spooks Keep Finding Classified Information In Hillary’s Private Emails

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal isn’t going away any time soon. The Associated Press is now reporting that the intelligence community found classified information in two of the 40 randomly selected emails from the 30,000 that Clinton handed over to investigators. Think about those numbers.

Two screw ups is not necessarily a career-ending revelation. The content of the emails themselves, in fact, weren’t even that surprising. One exchange discussed a news article about a drone program in Pakistan; the other “more suspect” thread points directly to classified materials. Sen. Chuck Grassley maintains that he actually found four “highly classified” emails on Clinton’s servers.

But back to the original numbers: Two emails out of 40 amounts to 5 per cent. Does this mean that 5 per cent of those 30,000 emails contain top secret information that puts America at risk?

Of course not, but it looks really bad for Clinton. The presidential hopeful surely hopes to put behind her the revelations about her using private, potentially insecure email servers for her official business as secretary of state. However, the nation’s 17 spy agencies and Congress continue to pore over what kind of information she may or may not have leaked by straying from protocol and not using an official email address.

Just how much trouble did Clinton’s “might want to seek out some expert advice. The race for the White House is just getting started.


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