Six 4K Screens Attached To A Mac Pro Is A Pixel Peeper's Dream

The Mac Pro is a beast, but to the chagrin of some hardcore panel lovers, it only has the grunt to support three 4K displays. That's no slouch, but of course, someone on YouTube had to see just how far it could go. The result? Six 4K screens attached to a powerful custom setup that can be replicated for your MacBook Pro or even a MacBook Air.

YouTuber and gadget reviewer MrThaiBox123 has his own Mac Pro, and wanted to see how far he could push the screen real estate on the svelte, new machine.

He bought six Dell P715Q displays (as he's not too fussy about refresh rate), and got to work building something powerful enough to run them. The Mac Pro's power supply and GPU support three 4K screens, which meant that he'd have to build something with grunt.

He cobbled together a Corsair CX750 power supply and an AMD7970 GPU and stuffed it all inside a rack-mounting case from Sonnet so it could be modified in future. Voila: instant external GPU with which to power more monitors.

The Sonnet case connected back to the Mac Pro via a single Thunderbolt port, and from there he daisychained the panels together, and miraculously they all work at glorious 60Hz.

The interesting thing about this is that you can do it yourself at home to run a six-monitor set-up with just about anything with a Thunderbolt connector. You can do it on a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or even on a MacBook running Windows 8.1 or 10 via Apple Boot Camp.

Sure, it's crazy expensive and massively unnecessary, but goddamn if it doesn't look pretty.

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