Quickflix Far From Dead, Signs New Deal To Distribute Content In China

Every time Quickflix puts itself into a trading halt on the Australian Stock Exchange, we get our "Quickflix Is Dead" posts ready. In truth, the homegrown streaming brand is getting stronger with every day. Today, Quickflix announced a massive new deal which would see it take over a Chinese company in order to distribute content in the world's largest and newest emerging market.

Quickflix informed the market today that it has acquired an unnamed Chinese company to "form a global streaming platform for distribution of Chinese film and TV content into China and international markets".

While the company it's acquiring remains a mystery, Quickflix has revealed that it's a profitable company that produces original Chinese movies and TV content, and also works in partnership with other US studios.

The Aussie streaming company is now performing its due diligence, with more news to come in mid-August.

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