Remember, Windows 10 Isn't A Risk-Free Upgrade

PSA: Windows 10 Isn't a Risk-Free Upgrade

Reviewers agree that Windows 10 is awesome. Reviewers also agree that you should probably wait till bugs get fixed. But maybe you've heard that you can simply revert to Windows 8.1 if you don't like it? Well... I just tried it, and it's not quite that simple.

There definitely is such an option. You can see it right there in the screenshot above. And the procedure to roll back your operating system is pretty painless, too.

You just hit that Get Started button...

PSA: Windows 10 Isn't a Risk-Free Upgrade through these screens...

PSA: Windows 10 Isn't a Risk-Free Upgrade

Tap the magnifying glass buttons in the upper-left hand corner of these pics for a closer look.

PSA: Windows 10 Isn't a Risk-Free Upgrade

...and after a lengthy series of reboots, you're back to Windows 8.1.

Much like my transition from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, it felt seamless at first. All my icons were back in the exact same places I left them. I had my old wallpaper back, too.

But clearly some of the toys didn't get put back in the toybin, because the moment I tried to launch Chrome, this popped up:

PSA: Windows 10 Isn't a Risk-Free Upgrade

Similarly, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere were nowhere to be found. They no longer appeared on my apps list. I couldn't even find them in Windows Search:

PSA: Windows 10 Isn't a Risk-Free Upgrade

That's not to say that Windows deleted any of these apps. They were totally still there on my computer, and I launched each of them by browsing deep down into their directories in File Windows Explorer.

Are you familiar with Slack? The workplace messaging platform? Gizmodo uses it all the time to communicate and share links. Now, left-clicking on a link no longer opens it in my browser. The association seems to have disappeared.

These are just a few anecdotal things I've noticed, and honestly I don't have time to scour the full depth and breadth of my regressed Windows 8.1 to see what else might have gotten bruised in the migration back. Any damage is unacceptable, honestly, if you had planned to use this as a get-out-of-jail free card in case you don't like Windows 10.

But honestly, I don't think that will be an issue. I think you will like Windows 10. I'm a big fan. Except for all these nagging little issues that make it feel like the world's most gigantic beta.

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