Our Favourite Android, iOS And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

We're busy preparing for all the new smartwatches, phones and gadgets that will be coming out of IFA in Berlin this week, but let's take a moment to remember all the neat software that will fill up those cases of aluminium, glass and silicon. Here are the best apps from this week.



Our Favourite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

PinTasking is one of those apps to help you be way more efficient at smartphoning. The idea is to "pin" apps, similar to chat heads in Facebook Messenger, to help you navigate between your most-used apps easily and quickly. It also comes with a variety of features that help you navigate your Android phone at super speed. [Free]


VHS Camcorder

Our Favourite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Vintage will always be here, whether in clothing, music or art — and VHS Camcorder is about the coolest app to go about doing it. Relive those grainy and old-school home videos by piping through your memories through this app, which will then transform them into decades-old masterpieces. [$4.99]


Digital phones, specifically the cameras packed into them, are amazing, compact pieces of tech that were unimaginable only a decade ago, but sometimes you miss the look and feel of old film. Base helps recreate that with your iPhone. Using base, you can select from 14 distinct film stocks to recreate the perfect colour and texture for your photos. There's also "expired" modes that fade with age (if you want). This is as legit as it gets. [$1.29]


"Reinventing email" is almost as common an app phrase as "the Uber of [fill in the blank]", but Geronimo thinks it's on to something. The app is absolutely loaded with different ideas on how to handle email that includes gestures, swipes, shakes and a daily graph of your email. It's a lot to handle at first, but after a few days, or maybe even weeks, it may help you get through your inbox like a pro.

Windows Phone


Our Favourite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Windows Phone is not without lots of unofficial Reddit clients, but Reddhub may be the very best. At its most basic, it's smartly designed and well built, but it brings all the features from Reddit proper to your Windows Phone. It's similar to its much-loved PC counterpart, so you know it's good. Happy Interneting! [Free]

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