Moto X Style, Moto X Play, Moto G 2015: Australian Price, Release

Want some more Motorola goodness in your life? The company's best line-up yet hits Australian shores real soon, and we've got your pricing and where you can get it.

Moto X Style

The Moto X Style is Motorola’s new top of the line smartphone with a 5.7-inch Quad HD display (515 ppi) and a body built from machined aluminium. It comes with Moto X’s proprietary fast-charging technology that’s allegedly quicker than what other companies like Samsung offer. A few more bits of awesomeness include 3GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 808 processor and a 21 megapixel camera.

The thing about the Style is that it lives up to its name in every way: it's gorgeous. Australia doesn't get the Moto Maker software just yet (we still have to wait for retail partners to agree on it), so we won't get to choose exactly what we want our phones to look like from the myriad of options, instead we have two to choose from. Australia gets to choose from the bamboo back cover or the black rubbery textured back cover. Take it from me: go for the bamboo.

The Moto X Style will only be available on contract, and only through Vodafone. It'll run you an extra $3 per month on the $80 Red Plan, which includes infinite standard national calls, unlimited text within Australia and to overseas, 300 minutes of international calling and 4GB of data on a 24 month contract. That brings it to $83 per month in total.

We've been told Vodafone will sell the phone outright, but be aware that outright stock may be limited. We've not been given an outright RRP.

The Moto X Style will also be Category 6 capable in Australia, meaning it's going to run all the new, fast networks being deployed by Telstra and Optus if you decide to buy it from the carrier and use your own SIM.

You can expect it to appear in Vodafone stores by September.

Moto X Play

The Moto X Play and it is all about the battery — an absolutely monstrous 3630 mAh battery. Couple that with an updated processor (a Snapdragon 808) and less power-hungry 5.5-inch full HD display, and we could be talking about two-day battery life, the Holy Grail number for current smartphones.

Both the Moto X Style and Play come with Motorola’s suite of apps that we’ve said many times only enhances stock Android with features like Moto Assist, Moto Display, and Moto Voice.

The Moto X Play is around half the price of the Style at an additional $5 per month on the $40 Red Plan. That plan includes $400 of included call and text value and 500MB of data over 24 months.

The Moto X Play will also be sold in an outright version later on with dual-SIM capabilities which will cost you $569. Whether you want it on contract or outright, you'll be looking at an early-September release.

Moto G (2015)

The Moto G is one of those “cheap” phones that defies the definition. It runs stock Android with Motorola’s excellent software additions and some other impressive specs: 5-inch 1280 x 720 screen, 2470 mAh battery, IPX7 waterproofing, 13-megapixel camera.

The Moto G will sell outright only for $369 in Australia, which is awesome for those looking for a replacement to a potentially busted Nexus 5! You'll be getting it from retail stores like JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman from early-September.



    I thought the whole point of these phones was to be sold direct to public without being locked into contracts? I was really looking forward to getting my hands on a Moto x Style. Looks like I will have to import it or wait to see what the new Nexus devices are like (price vs specs)

    Ohh and aren't these meant to be budget friendly phones? Not meant to be competing price wise with the big flagships? $88 a month for a US$449 phone? Thats crazy!!!

    Last edited 18/08/15 3:00 am

    So you can't buy the Moto X Play or Style outright? Massive fail.

    What is the release date going to be? And do we have the option of buying the Moto X Style outright?

    I don't think the moto x -Play has the S808, I think that is in the Style

    Such disappointment that Motorola thinks it is a good idea to release the Style on a single carrier and it be contract locked... Once again Australia gets done over for new tech... And Vodafail no less... Worst network in Australia... Sure you can get the phone, but do you have any signal? haha.

    Guess I will have to try to import...

    If the Moto X Play is riding up on $600 i cant imagine how expensive the Style will be. I was really looking forward to the Style replacing my Nexus 5 as its pretty much a stock experience. Also just a little correction, the Moto X Play has a Snapdragon 615, not the 808. If it did i would be throwing my money at the screen right now!

    Anyone who thinks you won't be able to get these phones off-contact doesn't know how to purchase tech.

      That would describe me :)
      Care to share best way to purchase a phone like this off-contract?

        Need not be the best way, but here's a way:

    Can anyone confirm if this beast (Style) has an IR blaster?
    Great looking phone so I hope it does.

      According to the specs, it doesn't seem so. A mighty fine feature though. It is SO difficult to find a phone with ALL one's desired features.
      High quality front-facing stereo speakers is one of my wants and the choices are slim.
      I'm a reasonably happy N5 owner, mainly due to the relatively bloat-free Android experience, however I'm turned off the new N5X: no SD, no stereo...
      Besides, this N5 still works...

      Last edited 27/10/15 1:59 am

    Motorola has really started making great phones for great prices but they always miss something... ie a smaller version of the moto X or their flagship missing a fingerprint scanner... the moto G no longer being the bargain it was! Unfortunately motorola so far hasn't done much to improve its australian relations, many australians still think of them as a retro company and their products aren't sold with any of motorola's real great tatics. What i mean by this is that they are expensive, its not "pure"/uncarrier (although australian carriers r much better then there american cousins) and its not customizable... thats like 3 of 5 of motorola's main selling points gone!

    My recommendation would be the elephone p8000 (basically a cheaper mediatek version of the oneplus 2) or their upcoming Yowney (QHD for $299 USD) or P9000 (which should be first 10 core smartphone). The p8000 is impressive... my father has bought one, it has a metal build, 5.5" full HD display and a fingerprint scanner all for $200 USD, he got it for a deal so it was actually $210 AUD for him

    Avoid no name brand eBay Chinese Android phones at all cost.

    If you do purchase one don't except to get OS updates...EVER! haha

    So does anyone know where we can buy these outright here in Australia.?

    I'm waiting for Motorola-AU to get this "Moto-Maker" up & running & buy it then!

      Hi there - Got a moto X Play outright in the Vodafone store on Friday. Its advertised with an outright price in their October Catalogue - some stores as happened to me said you have to be a current Vodafone owner - after being told that in two stores the third I went into sold me one no questions.

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