Kogan Is Now Offering Discounted Travel

Everybody's favourite discount online gadget retailer, Kogan, is branching out into travel with a bunch of heavily (and not-so-heavily) discounted package vouchers, available only online. If you want a cheap package deal with flights and accommodation, there are a few good deals on offer.

At the moment, all the package deals seem to be restricted to China, Vietnam and other Asian destinations, along with a smattering of domestic hotel offerings. The star offering for Kogan Travel's launch is a five-night trip to Broome (to the Kimberley Sands resort) for two for $699, supposedly a $2231 saving over the $2930 price that it would normally cost. If you take that at face value, that's a huge saving.

As is standard practice with Kogan, these deals are time-sensitive — that Broome one, for example, is only valid for another 86 hours. And there are caveats — booking in September or October this year will cost an extra $250, and booking in June or September of 2016 will cost you an additional $750 (more than the price of the coupon itself). The ten $30 spa treatment vouchers, too, are only each redeemable for a single treatment, so you'll be paying for the remainder of ten treatments rather than getting one $300 one for free. And you'll have to get yourself there in the first place.

Of course, if you're willing to spend the time shopping around for both flights and hotels, then you'll probably find a better deal to travel to any given destination — especially if you're not fussy about your accommodation. Booking individual components yourself also offers more freedom than a package deal in organising flight times, stopovers and the like. But if you want the entire process handled for you, a Kogan Travel voucher might turn out to be a decent purchase. [Kogan]

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