I Need LG's Foldable Keyboard In My Life

"Hello, LG? Yes, this is Luke. Go ahead and take as much of my money as it takes to get this keyboard-based sorcery into my travel bag."

Folding keyboards are nothing new, but this is actually really special. It folds itself after each row of keys, so combined with the controller and built-in stand it effectively forms a cute little rectangular prism you can slide into the bottom of your bag.

The keys also look better than others you may find on portable keyboards, simply because they appear to have a great deal of travel, which is crucial to replicating that real desktop keyboard feel.

No word on when it lands in Australia or for how much, but if it's under $100, this is a great bit of kit for your bag.



    You poor thing. $100? try $249,95, exclusive to JB/Harvey/Officeworks.

      Who on earth would buy it from them anyway. People need to learn how to internet.

        Anyone with a brain who doesn't like to get ripped off. JB regularly have 20%-30% off Microsoft peripherals, making them at least as cheap as you can get them on-line.

    It'll be interesting to see how this stacks up against the new folding keyboard from Microsoft.

    Now, if you could roll up the screen too then I'd be excited.

    Looks awesome! Is the stand universal or will it only work with an LG tablet?!

    Can smuggle that thing through customs like it's nobodies business... Take that GST threshold!

      If you're buying it in two years time I don't think you'll have to worry about the GST threshold on your firesale keyboard :p

    A bit less portable, yes, but I reckon the Microsoft wedge is heaps nicer to type on...

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