Huawei's $800 Gold Android Wear Smartwatch Works With The iPhone

Huawei's $US800 Gold Android Wear Smartwatch Works With the iPhone

We know that next week at IFA we'll get at least one new smartwatch in the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2, but if this Amazon pre-order page is legit (why wouldn't be) Huawei is about to drop brashest Android Wear concept we've seen yet.

There are a number of notable facts on this pre-order page linked to by The Verge. First of all, gold. Gold! It seems Huawei's taking a page from the luxury playbook Apple used with its Watch. It will be pricey, too. The gold Huawei Watch — I guess that's the same? — costs $US800, because who doesn't wanna drop big bucks on an accessory gadget that will likely be obsolete within a year or two.

Huawei's $US800 Gold Android Wear Smartwatch Works With the iPhone

And though it's less flashy, the Huawei Watch very interesting in that that the specs indicate it works with iOS 8.2, which would mean that Android Wear will be compatible with the iPhone in the near future. That's something to get excited about.

What else? The new Huawei will come in a number of different materials, so if you only want to spend, say, $US450, you can get a handsome black model. Additionally, we learn the watch will have a 1.4-inch AMOLED display and a heart rate monitor.

Is this for real? We'll learn next week — the shipping date on the Amazon page is September 2.

[Amazon via The Verge]

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