Google Hangouts Has A Gorgeous New Home On The Web

Google Hangouts Has a Gorgeous New Home On the Web

Google Hangouts has been a depressingly central part of my life for years now, but the web interface has always felt a little hacked-together. Today, all that changes, with a redesigned interface, and a dedicated homepage for Hangouts.

The new URL follows Google's normal naming convention: The new homepage works like an expanded version of the existing Hangouts interface: there's a list of contacts on the left, and your conversations expand out as separate tabs on the right.

Don't worry, though — if you're wedded at the hip to having Hangouts in Gmail, that's still an option, as is the Hangouts desktop app. But if you're a fellow thousand-tab warrior, the new Hangouts should fit right into your workflow.


    Dear Google,

    I don't like it, I use hangouts to chat to people when I'm at work or on my phone when I don't want to use SMS, that's it, especially since you can't seem to explain how the hell the 'calling people' function works since it's been neutered for Australia. I appreciate you tried to make it look nice, but now it's more obvious that I'm doing not work and you didn't actually focus on the thing I care the most, my conversation with someone, it's off to the side looking sad just like it is in gmail, why do I need to go to another website for this? Also, who chooses the background? why can't I chose it? And why can't I hide or remove conversations with people I don't actually talked to, just because I talked to them 2 years ago on hangouts doesn't mean I ever need to talk to them again, and if I do, I can just find them!

    Confused user

      The Chrome plugin still works fine, you don't have to use the website. It's still as unintrusive as ever.

      You can delete old conversations easily, just open the conversation, click the gear icon in the top right and choose Delete.

        I can't use the chrome plug in on my work computer, and yeah the other options are still unintrusive, but it would be nice if the website was as well.

        Thanks for the tip, I didn't want to delete the conversations but I saw that there was an archive function and that worked a treat :)

    I cannot send or receive MMS messages to non hangouts users. Its the only reason i am not using it. very frustrating.

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