Full-Contact, Armed And Armoured Combat Is Possible With Unified Weapons Master

Unified Weapons Master is a new sport that aims to combine traditional one-on-one combat disciplines like jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai with super-high-tech armour, registering impacts and marking the site of blows during fights. Oh, and there's weapons, too.

We first saw UWM when it hit the scene in February last year, promising data-driven combat. And it's this video that shows the concept closer to reality, with a (light-contact) fight between two trained warriors, each using a variety of weapons — as well as knees and knuckles — to score points and wear down their opponent's health. It's all very Street Fighter. Here's the brief:

‘UWM Unleashed – The Final Cut’ is Unified Weapons Master as you’ve never seen it before. For the first time you can see the initial ​design of the UWM scoring system and broadcast graphics, combined with weapons combat commentary and our prototype Lorica armour​ in action. This video is an exciting glimpse into what UWM’s future ​might look like.


Unified Weapons Master Combines MMA With Australian-Made High-Tech Armour And Deadly Weapons

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