Disney's Star Wars Land Looks Amazing

Now that Disney has the rights to all things Star Wars, it's looking to get as much mileage out of the franchise as possible. That might explain why Disney is building not one but two 14-acre Star Wars theme parks in the US. These photos look insane.

Disney bigwig Bob Iger revealed the two theme parks during the D23 keynote this week. One will be at Disneyland Anaheim in California, and the other will be in Disney's Orlando theme park in Florida.

The park will be filled with various alien races, droids and other Star Wars characters, and every single store will be populated by "local inhabitants" to keep it all authentic.

Iger promised that "nothing in the land would stray from [Star Wars] mythology", so it's going to be great for super-Star Wars geeks to get in on.

You'll be able to enjoy "signature experiences" from the Star Wars universe at the new parks, including an experience that will see you take control of the Millennium Falcon on a "customised, secret mission".

Even if you're not a Star Wars fan, these parks look like they'll be so much fun.

Check out the announcement video below.

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