Dick Smith Is Selling The [Update: All Gone!] UE Boom For $99

Dick Smith Is Selling The [Update: All Gone!] UE Boom For $99

Want a great, powerful, portable Bluetooth speaker at an alluring price? Courtesy of a crazy eBay sale, Dick Smith is selling the Ultimate Ears Boom for literally half the price of its $198 RRP.

Update: Well, that’s it, you bought them all. Nice work, ya jerks.

Spotted by miku39 on OzBargain, this deal is an excellent one considering the all-round quality of the UE Boom — we loved it, praising its good sound quality, useful wireless features and amazingly durable design — and considering that the cheapest that you’ll find the Boom outside of this deal is for a significantly more expensive $139 through LogitechShop.

The UE Boom has great sound for its small size, and was UE’s first speaker to include a hydrophobic coating that repels water and mud and dirt — which makes it genuinely useful for visits to the beach or picnics or pool parties. Bluetooth is built in, you get NFC pairing, and there’s an excellent UE companion app that lets you set wake-up timers and adjust sound quality through equalisers. You can even pair two up using the Boom’s Double Up mode — and run them either in wireless stereo for a super-wide soundstage, or simply doubled up for maximum volume. Which means that you could buy two…

Here’s our guess: the UE Boom is on run-out because there’s probably a new one on the way. Either way, now is a great time to pick up what is one of our three favourite Bluetooth speakers alongside the Bose SoundLink Mini II and the premium Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2. Here’s the link to Dick Smith’s eBay store. [eBay]