Cool Chart Breaks Down How Star Wars Influenced Other Movies And TV Shows

Cool chart breaks down how Star Wars influenced other movies and TV shows

Imagine life without Star Wars. It kind of sucks, right? But that's just because we think about not knowing Darth Vader and R2-D2 and Han Solo and light sabers and Death Stars. But imagine not just not having Star Wars in our pop culture but also not having all the things that Star Wars influenced. All the things we love that were made possible by Star Wars would change.

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The chart above breaks down the influence of Star Wars and was made by Shutterstock and Pop Chart Lab. From the its design aesthetic to the special effects it spawned to loveable robot characters and so forth, it paved the way for so much of what we love today. So yeah, life without Star Wars would totally suck.

Cool chart breaks down how Star Wars influenced other movies and TV shows


    They're seriously claiming that Starwars being a trilogy influenced other movies to be put out as trilogies?

      Caused? No. Influenced? Absolutely.

    With the exception of ILM Star Wars only copied those tropes from earlier influences (some of them decades older). It may have put them together in a new record-breaking format, but if anything, by separating them the image makes it more obvious just how much of it was unoriginal.

    It is a cute graphic though.

    I'd say that is fair claim. How many mainstream trilogies were released before 1977?

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