Aussie Motorcross Champ Goes Big Wave Surfing With A Motorbike In 4K. Your Life Is Meaningless.

What did you do this weekend? Make an amazing burrito? Go to an amazing party? It doesn't matter. Short of curing cancer, nothing you've done in your whole life can compare to what Robbie Maddison's been up to. He went surfing on a wave in Tahiti on a goddamn motorcycle and absolutely nailed it.

That's right: in full motorcross gear, the world-record holder for longest jump on a motorbike strapped giant flappy tires to his bike, and two small boards to the bottom to turn it into the world's most badass hydrofoil before taking on a truly massive wave.

It's insane how seamlessly the motorboard (or is it surfbike?) goes between jungle and water.

Tahiti is famous for its big wave surfing, and now it's famous for the big brass ones on Robbie Maddison.

It's all a promo for DC Shoes, apparently, but I couldn't care less. Bump it up to 4K and enjoy your morning's brain implosion.

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