All This 10,000-Brick LEGO Sandcrawler Needs Is A Tiny Plastic Tatooine

We've seen our fair share of LEGO sandcrawlers over the years, but this latest build from resourceful pair Calvin Hartley and Jarren Harkema takes the cake. (Or should that be droids?) There's more than meets the eye when it comes to their caterpillar-tracked monstrosity and you'll be surprised by all the neat odds and ends they've managed to cram inside.

Sure, it looks OK from the outside — impressive, even — but it's not until you crack the thing open you understand the amount of effort Hartley and Harkema went to.

Yep, there's a bar and even a disco floor. I'm not sure the insides are canonically accurate, but then, the films never really gave us a good look at the internals (various Star Wars novels, games and other materials do, however).

As for specifications, it's 90cm long, weighs almost 13 kilos and is comprised of 10,729 LEGO pieces. It apparently took some 500 hours to construct and is powered by three NXTs and 10 motors. It can travel around 90m per hour, so it won't be catching up to would-be Jedis any time soon, unless they're also made of LEGO.

There's even a nice Easter egg in the cockpit — the first android LEGO minifig ever made (I remember owning one myself actually):

[Beyond the Brick, via Nerd Approved]

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