All The News You Missed Overnight: A Good Look At LG’s New Nexus, New Apple Bluetooth Gear And MOre

All The News You Missed Overnight: A Good Look At LG’s New Nexus, New Apple Bluetooth Gear And MOre

The Nexus 6 got stellar reviews, but it’s hard to deny that LG’s 2013 Nexus 5 was the best Nexus smartphone — even Nexus device — ever made. With rumours that LG and Huawei will pitch in to create the next batch of Google phones, the Nexus 5 seemed destined for an update — and this may be it.

The leaked image up above comes from MKBHD, the YouTube personality that knows everything there is to know about smartphones. With the incriminating LG sticker and the subtle, matte-finish design, this is most likely LG’s next Nexus. A few interesting tidbits: For one, the Nexus has a bulging camera housing, which hopefully means Google and LG paid a little more attention to the camera this time around. If it’s anything like camera on LG’s latest flagship, the G4, we’ll be pretty happy. An earlier tweet from famous leaker OnLeaks shows LG also with a USB-Type C port, meaning Google will finally make the switch to the superior form of USB.

Other than that, we’re hearing that the LG’s new Nexus will have a Snapdragon 808 processor, the same one as the LG G4. It didn’t have the reported overheating issues of the 810, so that’s good. This phone will most likely be the cheaper choice in comparison with the Huawei Nexus, which is rumoured to have better specs all around. But there’s plenty of time for more rumours as we’re most likely (if history tells us anything) at least two more months away from launch. [Twitter]

Hangouts Gets a Home: Hangouts, Google’s messaging service, finally has its own site on the web. This is in addition to extensions, the Chrome app, Gmail, Inbox, and Google+, which you can also access Hangouts from. Hey you can never be too well-connected, right? [Android Police]

Behold! Android’s New Boot Animation:

I like.

Bluetooth Bonus: FCC listings show that Apple is gearing up for a refresh of its Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, known as Magic Mouse. They will likely be quipped with Bluetooth 4.2 LE, which means faaaar better battery life than they’re getting now. [SlashGear]

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