10 Reasons To Watch iZombie Now On Stan

Liv Moore is a brain eating undead murder mystery solving doctor with a tangled love life and a penchant for hot sauce. And from today you can binge watch her adventures in iZombie anytime, anywhere on Stan.

You need not worry about having zombie fatigue, as iZombie is a zombie series a little different to most. Here's why.

1. It's From The Creator Of Veronica Mars

Fan of Veronica Mars? Party Down? The man behind both those shows also created iZombie, so if you ever wondered what either of those shows would look like with zombies, this is it.

2. It's Based On A DC Comic Book

The cult favourite comic comes to life on screen, with the opening titles giving a nod to the series origin.

3. It Stars Rose McIver

Kiwi actress Rose McIver plays Liv Moore. After being turned into a zombie she discovers that with each brain she eats, she inherits the corpse's memories, helping her solve crimes.

4. It Has Zombies Like You've Not Seen Before

This ain't The Walking Dead. Fan of zombies or not, you’ll find something to love about it.

5. Critics Love It

The New York Times calls it “ridiculously likable” and pretty much every other critic agrees. iZombie has a 91 percent rating on Rotten Tomato.

6. Zombie Love

Even the undead need to find love. Between her ex-fiancée and a banquet of living and/or dead lovers — let’s just say Liv's connections are very much alive.

7. Brains!

When they aren’t keeping Liv alive, or helping her solve crimes, she’s working them into some pretty great dishes (with the a huge serving of hot sauce).

8. It Has Rahul Kohli

While doing his best to find a cure for Liv’s zombie-ness, he’s also dishing up a charm not seen on screen since Jim Halpert in The Office (aka John Krasinksi).

9. Season One Is Now Ready To Binge!

All 13 episodes of iZombie Season One are now available to stream on Stan

10. Season Two Fast Tracked From The US From October

Don’t fret if you binge through season one this weekend. Stan will fast track season two from October. Same day as the US.


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