How To Make Your Gmail Look Way, Way Better

How To Make Your Gmail Look Way, Way Better

The handful of themes offered by Gmail have let you make your inbox look less like a faceless, nameless sprawl of email and more like something you actually enjoy gazing at. And now Google has added hundreds of photos and new theme options that are going to make it look much better.

You’ve been able to upload your own photos to a custom Gmail theme for years, but now there are hundreds of standard images to choose from instead, which is useful for those of us who are too lazy to fully customise.

You’ll be able to tweak the images using tools like blur and vignette, too, and switch up the text background colour so the setup works as a whole.

To browse through, click on the cog button in the upper right corner of your Gmail and go to “themes.” The updates will be rolling out over the next few days, so check back if you don’t see them yet.

Also, Gmail will now support “emoji for just about every occasion,” according to Google. But we’ll let you explore that feature yourself. 🙂