Who Is The Best James Bond?

Who Is The Best James Bond?

Ian Fleming’s iconic character, James Bond, has had many faces since his initial filmic appearance in 1962. But which Bond is the best?

As of 2015, there have been 25 Bond films and seven different Bond actors: Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. All of them are talented actors and all have brought their own special flavour to the character of James Bond.

But which one of them did it the best?

Ian Fleming revealed that the character of Bond was actually based on Hollywood legend, Cary Grant. In light of this information, we can get a clearer picture of what Bond should be. Tall, dark, handsome, mysterious and perhaps owning a somewhat transatlantic accent, the one that Cary Grant was so famed for.

Therefore, I personally believe the one true Bond (the one Bond to rule them all) is clearly Pierce Brosnan. He is everything that James Bond should be — obviously!

I recently threw this opinion out into the internet and was surprised to see that this is a highly contested topic. *Surprised emoji*. Apparently, not everyone is sold on the idea that Pierce Brosnan is the king of all Bonds.

So you tell us, who do you think is the best James Bond and why?

Image: Metro-Golywyn-Mayer