Weaponising Nerf Toys: Don’t Try This At Home

Strict safety regulations and litigious lawyers mean your kids’ toy foam blasters don’t have a lot of power behind them. And that’s a good thing, unless you spend you days making insane slingshot creations and have decided that Nerf’s Rebelle Bow Blaster needed an upgrade like Joerg Sprave did.

By swapping in some beefed-up elastics, Joerg was able to launch the Bow Blaster’s arrows about 20 per cent faster, with just over 40 per cent more power than with the stock toy. Not deadly, but also not pleasant if you happen to find yourself in the path of that arrow. And because Joerg is Joerg, he also tested his upgrades with some sharper, non-stock Nerf ammo, with unsurprisingly unsafe results.