Watch This: The Heartwarming Tale Of Australia's Biggest Star Wars Fan And His Family

This is the story of Adam Harris: arguably Australia's biggest Star Wars fan. The Feed produced an amazing look at Adam's life and family. He discovered he had an inoperable brain tumour, which saw him want to spend more time with his kids and introduce them to Star Wars. It's a heartwarming tale that saw Adam's bond with his son grow as he crowdfunded a documentary about the bond between father and son through Star Wars. It's also the tale of how his fandom is helping him be a better man, and recover from a difficult upbringing. It's a must-watch.


    Thanks Gizmodo for sharing this clip from last night's episode of The Feed. It was totally amazing to have Marc Fennell and his team come and visit Adam to share his story and to also chat about the My Saga Documentary. If anyone wishes to checkout the trailer, news and exclusive clips head over to :-)

    Beautiful story. Star Wars really does have an affect like no other movie. I can really relate to this story and the bond he has with his children.

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