Tilting Wings Let This New Air Hogs RC Plane Hover Like A Helicopter

Tilting Wings Let This New Air Hogs RC Plane Hover Like A Helicopter

Borrowing a neat trick from the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey, Spin Master has created a new RC plane that’s able to take off and land vertically at the push of a button. The Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet’s wings and rotors both rotate to point up, essentially turning the plane into a helicopter that can hover in mid-air.

The engineering that allows the full-size V-22 Osprey to perform the same trick is formidable, so it’s impressive that Spin Master has managed to pull the same thing off with a relatively inexpensive toy. It obviously can’t carry troops or military supplies, but it does provide a solid ten minutes of flight, and entertainment, after a 45-minute charge.

Over on Dad Does, Dan Nessel had the opportunity to take the Fury Jump Jet for a few test flights, and posted a video of the craft in action.

With a wireless range of around 200 feet, in aeroplane mode you’ll still need a good amount of space to fly the Fury Jump Jet around. But its neat VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) tricks mean you don’t need a clean patch of driveway, road, or footpath for getting airborne. It can just lift straight off the ground, no matter where it’s sitting. And if you happen to panic while at the controls, you can easily switch to its hover mode mid-flight and the plane will simply hang in the air like a helicopter while you regroup.

All you need to bring to the table is a basic understanding of how to pilot a plane using two sticks, four AA batteries to power the controller which is also used to charge the plane, and the patience to endure a few crashes while you earn your RC wings. [Air Hogs via Dad Does]