This Might Be The Best US Government Instagram Account Of All

This Might Be the Best Government Instagram Account of All

This week, I did a round-up of some of the best US government Instagram accounts, but as several readers pointed out, I neglected to mention one very special Insta-goldmine: The TSA. We covered this treasure trove in its early days, but it's such a gem we thought you deserved a reminder.

There is no better place than the Transportation Security Administration's social media to stay up on all the hilarious and frightening shit your fellow human beings are trying to sneak onto planes. Cocaine-concealing Red Bull cans. Batman throwing knives. Live smoke grenades. Sad exotic wildlife wrapped in socks. All, of course, packaged in Amaro, Valencia and X-Pro, by the one TSA employee who definitely totally loves his job.

Let's have a peek.

Inert tank projectiles still make great bludgeons

Some people should be quarantined

Klingon meet up?

Sorry Frodo not in the carry-on

I really hope a security guard is using these now

such skill many alert very help

Right because human skulls just 'show up' in there

I'm about to open some fucking windows

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