This Action Figure Finally Gives The Venus De Milo Her Arms Back

This Action Figure Finally Gives the Venus de Milo Her Arms Back

Have you ever wondered what the Venus de Milo looked like before the sculpture's arms were broken off? Besides offering a version of the famous piece for your own private gallery, this six-inch figure includes a set of articulated arms letting her point, scratch her head, and even hold things again.

The second figure in Figma's Table Museum series, this plastic version of the Venus de Milo comes with a base you can use for statuesque poses, as well as a series of swappable hands if you prefer her to appear more lifelike — minus the stark grey skin. Available for pre-order from BigBadToyStore for $US50 and shipping in January of next year, the figure even has a flexible skirt and articulated legs so there's no reason she couldn't pick up a gun and join your G.I. Joes in battle. [BigBadToyStore via Neatorama]

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