There Will Never Be Anything More Relaxing Than A Hot Tub Hammock

There Will Never Be Anything More Relaxing Than A Hot Tub Hammock

Think of the most comfortable, most relaxing place you’ve ever been. No matter where on earth that might have been, it can’t even begin to compare to how relaxing the Hydro Hammock must be. People love lounging in hammocks, and people love soaking in hot tubs, and finally the two have become one.

Available in both single and double occupant versions, the Hydro Hammock is made from watertight and extremely resilient synthetic fabric that’s designed to hold the weight of 190 litres of water plus two adults. So you’ll need to find a pair of extremely large and strong trees to string it up between, or someplace with a set of anchors that can hold all that weight.

The creators of the Hydro Hammock have turned to Kickstarter to help fund its production with a crowdfunding campaign that’s trying to raise $US50,000. So there’s the usual risks of backing a crowdfunded product to take into account here, but also a fairly hefty price tag.

You can pre-order the single or double capacity Hydro Hammocks with a donation of $US260 and $US390, respectively, but that only gets you the fabric sling you can fill with water. If you also want the luxury of turning it into a hot tub with warm bubbling water, you’ll need to donate an additional $US920 for the portable water heater, pump, and other required hardware. So all-in-all you’re looking at about $US1200 to realise the joys of your very own hot tub hammock. It might not be so relaxing if you’re worried about blowing your budget, but if you can afford it, you may never feel stressed ever again.

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