The Massive 18-Inch Titan Hero Hulkbuster Is The Size Of A Small Child

The Massive 18-Inch Titan Hero Hulkbuster Is The Size Of A Small Child

Hasbro’s Titan Hero series take action figures back to their humbler roots when size was more important than articulation. But that also means the 12-inch figures are perfect for younger kids who play rough with their toys, and don’t mind that the new Titan Hero Hulkbuster is almost as big as they are.

At 18 inches (46cm) tall, the Titan Hero Hulkbuster is probably one of the largest ‘action’ figures your kids have ever seen. But since it’s made of mostly hollow plastic, it’s not too heavy — even a toddler will be able to drag it around.

And while the articulation is very limited — only its arms can move up and down — the figure still has an impressive amount of detail allowing good old imagination to pick up the slack.

The 18-inch Hulkbuster does offer one awesome feature that the 12-inch Titan Heroes don’t. The front of the giant suit of armour opens up allowing you to stick most of the smaller figures inside. Which means you can put Iron Man at the controls, Thor, Captain America, or even the Hulk if you wanted to create some sort of unstoppable smashing machine that would probably level the entire country.

Available this fall for $US35 for kids aged four and up, the Hasbro Titan Hero Hulkbuster will be a Walmart exclusive, but shouldn’t be that hard to find given how many of those dot the country. The other 12-inch Titan Hero figures, including Iron Man pictured here, are all sold separately.

And because you can never have too much Hulkbuster (did you really go see Avengers: Age of Ultron for anyone else?) if you’re headed to San Diego next week for Comic-Con, make sure to swing by Hasbro’s booth. A team of talented sculptors has created a life-size 12-foot tall version of the Hulkbuster Build-a-Figure from the new Marvel Legends line.

Unfortunately the actual Build-a-Figure isn’t quite as imposing as this version that’s been scaled up 16X its original size, but if you’ve ever wanted to size yourself up against Stark’s ultimate toy, now’s your chance. [Hasbro]