The First USB-C Battery That Can Charge A Laptop At Full Speed

The First USB-C Battery That Can Charge A Laptop At Full Speed

There are countless reasons to embrace USB-C with open arms, like being able to charge your laptop from the same external battery as your phone. And MOS’ new Reach Go is the first portable power bank that will actually charge a USB-C laptop as fast as it would from a wall outlet.

The Reach Go takes advantage of Etron’s new 100-watt USB-C charge controller, announced about a month ago, which means it can not only charge a laptop (like the new MacBook or a Chromebook Pixel) over a USB-C connection at full speed, it can also charge two additioanl 2.1-amp tablets all at the same time. Most of us already travel with a laptop, a smartphone, and a tablet in tow, and since the Reach Go can charge all three of them at once, it seems like it’s time to add one other device to our packing lists.

It gets even better. The Reach Go will initially come with a hefty 15,000 mAh capacity battery — enough to recharge the new MacBook almost three times — that can itself be charged in about four hours. But it’s still useful even if all your gear is already fully charged. Its three USB ports (one USB-C and two USB type A) can also serve as a USB 3.0 hub, which is especially handy for the new MacBook which only comes with a single USB-C connector.

Available sometime in October for $US99, the MOS Reach Go sounds like it could be a more important travel accessory than an extra pair of clean undies. It’s just unfortunate that you can’t pre-order one yet. You can, however, leave your email address on the MOS website and the company will keep you in the loop on when exactly the Go will finally be available.