The Bricasso Is A LEGO-Built Printer That Prints With Real LEGO

On the neat / practical scale, the Bricasso rates much higher on the former end than the latter, but that's good enough, right? As long as you don't need anything printed in a hurry and don't mind it being made completely of tiny plastic blocks, this printer from JK Brickworks has you covered.

The clever device works by scanning an image of the desired printout — which is made by filling in a grid with the desired pattern and colours — via a Mindstorms EV3. The printer is then set to work with reservoirs of 1x1 LEGO bricks that are stuck to a base plate. It takes it time, sure, but the end result is exactly what you'd expect.

Just another LEGO creation that makes the rest of us feel slightly inadequate with our block-building abilities, unless you've recently put together a LEGO particle accelerator, of course.

[YouTube, via DamnGeeky]

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