Presto Is Finally Testing High-Definition Streaming

Presto has a library full of quality content, but the image quality isn't as good as it should be. At last the service says it will bring HD streaming into its catalogue.

When Foxtel's Presto service launched, it only had streams up to 720p, which left Netflix and Stan to run rings around it in terms of image quality.

On the Presto community forums, the streaming app has advised that it's currently testing streams up to 1080p, and that it will roll it out to users shortly:

In the next few weeks, the Presto team will be working through testing in preparation for our HD rollout. As such, we will be starting to introduce some HD content into Presto’s library, so you may start to see some samples of HD programming on a selection of devices in the coming weeks.
We appreciate your patience during this time, and assure you we’ll have more exciting details to announce at our “official” launch stage!

Presto has advised that the HD 1080p content will use more data to the tune of 3GB per hour. Standard definition (720p) content on Presto only uses 1.3GB per hour.

Eventually, Presto says all of its series will be in HD, except of course for the ones that were originally mastered in standard definition. As for why Presto isn't doing it all at once, the streaming service says that it's due to time constraints:

Our plan is to progressively upgrade our content to be available in HD (where possible) and to also upgrade the enablement of HD on the devices and applications which Presto is currently available on – this may take some time, especially for some devices. We want to be sure our HD service is up and running before we start shouting about it! This means if you manage to find some of your favourite shows in HD format, we hope this gets you excited about the further news of developments we’ll have to share to you soon!

Presto adds that an announcement regarding 5.1 surround sound audio will also accompany the official launch of the HD content catalogue.

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    Apathy exudes from all pores regarding this announcement.

      You said it better than i ever could.

      Colour me "Meh"

        I hope the official colour of 2016 is Meh.

        Pantone presents Meh.

        Would definitely be a beige.

    Heard about it two weeks ago. With all the stuff with Quickflix this dose not surprise me. Hopefully once they roll out full HD and more native apps the service will be better.

      Same, I first heard about it on the TV Revolution podcast. (excellent podcast for all things TV)

    Obligatory "About time" comment.


      "Testing" ≠ "Implementing"

      The test could fail.

        But this is Foxtel, testing is not needed! New iQ is perfect I tell you!

          To be fair, they only tested the IQ3 for 2 years then suddenly released it the day before Netflix debuted in Aus in an unfinished state.

        Because at least they are looking into it now.

    At least it looks like they might offer 5.1 sound. Still waiting for Stan to provide this via Chromecast.

      Chromecast is incapable of providing surround sound as it does not support the AC3 audio codec which is used for surround sound in MP4/MKV file format containers.

      If chromecast could play the audio in MKV files, I wouldn't have bought an android box instead (like a chromecast, but with the full android OS inside and as powerful as your phone or tablet) and my chromecast wouldn't be gathering dust.

    I'm not sure why 720p is considered standard definition by either Presto or Gizmodo.

    Even the pirates regard 720p as HD, and it's the highest resolution many popular TV shows are released in, until they go to blu ray.

    Officially, our government describes anything at 576p and above as HD.

    Last edited 16/07/15 4:03 pm

      Because by definition 720p is SD.
      Just because people use a term incorrectly doesn't make it so.
      And it is a term used incorrectly majority of the time.

      Agreed, as well at that bitrate. 720p is considered HD, while SD averages around 480p.

    Presto ? Isn't that something you put on pasta? ;-)

    So allowing this is Foxtel they will roll it out as an optional extra and throw an extra surcharge on top of everything else. So not only are they late to the table, they are overpriced. Next they will start to put in advertising and tell there customers it is a service to keep prices down.
    Bloody Foxtel, behind the times, over priced and polishing a turd yet keep denying its shit.

    Too little, too late. Either match Netflix's 4 K offering or pull out and quit wasting everyone's time.

    OK, it's a start... Now let's talk about prices, devices, and catalogue size.

    This isn't enough on its own to get me interested, but I certainly won't criticise them for taking wobbling toddler steps into the present day of streaming TV.

      That's an excellent comment. Almost nothing I own supports presto, not even my foxtel box. :)

      As you say though, it's better than nothing at all.

      I'm amazed that instead of using the same technology as foxtel play (limited device support, low res streaming formats, etc) they couldn't just use the same app tech as Plus7 - Plus7 works well on every device I've used it on.

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