Powerful Silence: What You Can Expect From The World's Thinnest Ultrabook

The ASUS ZenBook UX305 is beautiful, silent, and works wherever you want it to, all day.

It is, quite simply, gorgeous. At 12.3mm it's the world's thinnest 13-inch FHD+ Ultrabook, constructed with gorgeous dark grey toned metal throughout the design. As for weight, you're looking at only 1.2kg.

What's that noise, you ask? Nothing. No, seriously — there is no noise. The ZenBook UX305 has fanless cooling so you can work and play in total, blissful silence.

We here at Gizmodo were suitably impressed when Campbell Simpson took this baby for a test run.

"Every feature that the UX305 puts in front of you is impressive, and continues to impress" he said "The screen, first and foremost, is absolutely beautiful; the Full HD 1920x1080pixel IPS panel featured in most of the UX305s you can buy in Australia is incredibly good for the laptop’s price point with excellent viewing angles, a glare-destroying matte finish and good colour reproduction as well as a high maximum brightness level."

"The UX305 is a super-slim notebook, and that makes it incredibly portable. It uses the smart combination of a fanless Intel Core M processor — super low voltage, super low heat output — and a metal body that effectively transfers and dissipates that heat around the entire chassis; it’s the perfect mix of thin, lightweight, and powerful enough to use as your only laptop."

Priced from $1,399, you can bring the Good Design Award 2014 winning ASUS ZenBook UX305 home today.

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