Optus Introduces Data Rollover On Pre-Paid

As part of a pricing revamp for pre-paid customers, Optus has introduced data rollover, allowing customers to hang onto their unused data.

Optus updated its hero $30 pre-paid offer today to give customers unlimited call minutes, unlimited SMS and MMS and 1.5GB of included data.

Part of the new $30 offer is data rollover: if you recharge your plan before the expiry date, any data you have left rolls over into the next month.

Optus has limits on the rollover offer, however. You're only allowed to stash away 10GB at any one time, and you're only allowed to rollover the data included in your base recharge. Say for example you run out of data halfway through the month and you purchase a data bolt-on, the extra data will be ineligible for rollover.

The carrier is also being very strict on recharge times. The data will rollover to the next month provided you recharge your plan before the expiry date. If you let your service lapse without recharging, even just for a day, all your data will be forfeited.

What do you think of data rollover? Would you use it? Tell us in the comments!

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