New Stoves, Sleeping Pads And Kids With 270kg Fish: What’s New Outside

New Stoves, Sleeping Pads And Kids With 270kg Fish: What’s New Outside

Jet Boil’s got a new stove you can actually cook real food on. Therm-A-Rest has a new air mattress that inflates in just seconds. A nine-year-old kid caught a 270kg sturgeon. Mt Fuji got Wi-Fi all the way up. VW’s got a new camper van. Here’s what’s new outside this week.

More goes on outdoors than we can cover. So, here’s a roundup of all that’s important, interesting and new this week.

Jetboil’s New Stove: Jetboils are pretty good at quickly boiling water at sea level, in above-freezing temperatures. Among the things they’re not any good at, at all, is cooking real food, like bacon and eggs or anything else that isn’t freeze-dried and vacuum packed. GearJunkie got an early preview. [GearJunkie]

A “Flake” Fell Off Half Dome: A junk of rock weighing over 2000 tonnes fell off Yosemite’s Half Dome. No one heard or saw it fall and it’s made one of the country’s most popular granite climbing faces unclimbable. What?! How?! Why?! [OutsideOnline]

My Most Interesting Stuff: “Minimums is a publication about the most interesting possessions of the world’s most interesting people,” the site’s founders explain. “Each post features an individual at the top of their industry, their most interesting possessions, and the stories behind each. Every feature is shot inside their home or office.” Somehow, I conned them into thinking that I’m interesting, so they did a little profile on me for the launch of their site, which is today. [Minimums]

Therm-A-Rest’s Speedy New Sleeping Pad: So most of this article is a little wrong and you’ll be reading a little more about it soon, right here. But, for now, you can at least get excited about a comfortable new Therm-A-Rest that takes just a single breath to inflate. [TheGearCaster]

Fire Closes PCT: Thanks to “Wild”, the Pacifict Crest Trail is seeing record numbers of through hikers this year. But, they may not make it all the way. A fire has closed a 20km section in Washington and threatens to spread further. [Backpacker]

Toyota Tacoma Getting More Expensive, Less Capable: Would you pay $US39,000 for a Taco? And one that comes without a manual transmission? Andrew Collins has the scoop on 2016 pricing and specs for Toyota’s increasingly outdated, yet just-refreshed mid-size truck. [TruckYeah!]

VW’s Got A New Camper Van: You still see original camper vans at virtually ever campsite and outdoors event there is. And, this new one promises to recapture much of what made that first one successful with a pop top, kitchenette and handy built-in cabinets. [Expedition Portal]

Kid Catches Big Fish: Nine-year-old Keegan Rothman stands just 120cm tall. But that didn’t stop him from reeling in a 270kg sturgeon in British Columbia’s Fraser River. [Field&Stream]

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