New Note 5 Leaks Don’t Leave Much For The Imagination

New Note 5 Leaks Don’t Leave Much For The Imagination

Yesterday, Samsung sent out invitations to a New York City event where we’ll all finally (officially) meet the new Galaxy Note 5. But Samsung has done a pretty horrible job keeping wraps on what the new smartphone actually looks like, leaking everything from CAD designs to these new hi-res photos.

These photos, courtesy of notorious leaker, show off what looks like Samsung’s next big Galaxy Note smartphone. Samsung applies the same design language as we’ve seen on the Galaxy S6 but with a few slight alterations — like the sides for example.

In this picture you can see that the back panel curves toward the edge, almost like the reverse design of the new Galaxy S6 Edge which had a similar curve but on the front. This is good news. In my S6 Edge review, I mentioned that “it’s almost like holding a normal smartphone — but backwards.” It would appear that Samsung may be righting that ergonomic wrong.

But we loved the design and function of the feature-packed S6, and if Samsung can bring that same great collection of hardware and the not-as-terrible-as-it-used-to-be Touchwiz software, we could be looking at one of the best big smartphones ever made. [ via Android Authority]

Meerkat TV: No, this isn’t some weird nature special. According to Variety, Al Roker (the guy who does weather on the Today Show among other things) is launching three new “shows” on the popular streaming platform Meerkat this week with his production company, Al Roker Entertainment. The next show is at 4p.m. today where Roker will interview a panel of food bloggers. Who knows, maybe someday soon original livestream content could become much more than just a bunch of amateur shaky cam. [Variety]

Goodbye, Tiny Phones: One of the last bastions of the old tiny smartphone world was the iPhone 5S. At just 4 inches, it was the perfect choice for those with muy pequeńo hands. It was rumoured that Apple would be bringing back those tiny dimensions in a new iPhone 6c smartphone later this year. However, supply chain chatter suggests Apple has now nixed the idea, leaving all teeny-handed smartphone fans in the lurch. [Business Insider]

Drive-Thru Grocery Food: Amazon and Walmart seem to be in a constant one-up battle with each other, like Walmart creating its own Prime delivery service and also slashing prices on Prime Day this month. But now Amazon’s doing a little copying. Rumours say that Amazon is considering opening a drive-thru grocery story in Silicon Valley that would rival Walmart’s own near its home base in Arkansas. [The Consumerist]

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