Jeremy Clarkson Is Saying Stupid Shit Again, This Time In Australia

Jeremy Clarkson is on the road around Australia with the new-look Don't-Call-It-Top-Gear-Live show, and in his travels around our fair country he's finding new and interesting ways to surgically attach his foot to his mouth.

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The photo (posted above) sees Jeremy Clarkson and his co-host and noted chortling schoolboy Richard Hammond standing in front of a sign that reads "Fudge Factory" in Margaret River, Western Australia. The tweet says that the pair have found a new job as "packers", which — if you're out of the loop on slurs — is a fairly tasteless joke at the expense of the homosexual community.

It's typical Clarkson-faire in that it's dicey: some may take offence, some may not. That's his brand of whimsey. Either way, it's not a great look. At best, it's childish, at worst, it's offensive.

It has become a tradition for Clarkson to say something stupid almost every time he comes to Australia. There was the time he called former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (who actually only has one eye) a one-eyed Scottish idiot, and then there was the time he said he'd never come back to Australia ever again as a result of our intolerable media. Bless.

Clarkson is in our great land this time around for the Clarkson, Hammond and May Live tour, which was called the Top Gear Live tour before the host let his fists do the talking in a failed bit of conflict resolution with a producer. The fight saw Clarkson unceremoniously ejected from the show, and rumours now point to the Top Gear trio reforming to host a new show on Netflix.

In the meantime, go follow @JeremyClarkson on Twitter for your regular dose of foot-in-mouth.

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