Japan Is A Sunkissed Paradise In This 4K Drone Footage 

Japan Is A Sunkissed Paradise In This 4K Drone Footage 

Summer’s zooming by. Wish you could teleport from your cubicle to a sandbar in turquoise waters? Well, there’s no Hyperloop yet — but thankfully, drone-shot 4K movies of Japanese paradise can make you feel like you’re there.

YouTube user egawauemon is known for beautiful, hi-def videos of scenes in Japan, and this latest one was shot by a drone in islands in Japan’s Kagoshima prefecture on the country’s southern tip.

Drones are giving cinematographers unprecedented new filming opportunities — there’s even a drone film festival in New York. Here at Gizmodo, we’ve extensively covered drones swooping through majestic landscapes and capturing unbelievable moments.

Want more drone eye candy? Take this video of a DJI Phantom filming volcanic eruption:

Or this one, capturing the spooky majesty of a fog-hugged Dutch church, the tallest in the Netherlands:

A pod of swimming dolphins:

The Nubian pyramids:

Cambodia’s Angkor Wat:

And never-ending flower fields:

There’s even a website, Travel by Drone, that lets users upload jaw-dropping drone movies all over the world. Just make sure you don’t have any crazy neighbours who could put a BB on your UAV.

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