How Was Your Windows 10 Upgrade?

How Was Your Windows 10 Upgrade?

Just in case you missed it, today is Windows 10 upgrade day. The availability of the upgrade was pushed out in waves, depending on when you installed it. So who managed to snag the update already and what do you think?

With reactions from meh to must have, Windows 10 has been a hot topic. I even know someone who set up a remote connection to his PC at home so he could make sure his update was downloading as soon as possible.

Of course many people have already been using it through the Windows Insider program.

For those still waiting, check out our launch day guide.

Want to know more about the whole user experience? Read about a week with Windows 10.

Want to skip the upgrade? You can buy a copy of Windows 10 outright from the Microsoft Store.

And of course, if you are updating a desktop, check your motherboard compatibility to ensure smooth sailing.

So already has the upgrade? How was the install process and did you run into any issues?

Tell us in the comments.