How To Listen To Apple's Beats 1 Radio Station On Android, Right Now

How to Listen to Apple's Beats 1 Radio Station on Android, Right Now

Your friends that use iOS and OS X have been babbling about Apple Music and Beats 1, but you use an Android phone and are feeling left out. Well, now there's a "very unofficial" way to listen along.

While the official Apple Music app won't arrive on Android until the fall, Twitter user Benji R explains that he "managed to find an unencrypted HLS [HTTP Live Streaming] URL" of Beats 1. He's posted the stream here, and it will work on devices running Android 4.1 and above (as well on devices using iOS 6 and above and Safari for OS X).

While it's not really a proper hack it seems unlikely that Apple will be impressed by the feat. Our bet is that it will get shut down pretty soon — so if you want to listen, best give it a try right now.

[iRumble via The Next Web via Verge]

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