How People Swear Across The US, Mapped

How People Swear Across The US, Mapped

Everyone enjoys a good swear from time to time, whether it’s a polite “gosh” or an abrasive “fuck”. These maps shows the preference for different swear words across the United States.

Note: Somehow, we completely missed Gawker’s take on these maps, which includes some insights from their creator.

Created by linguist Jack Grieve, they're assembled from nine billion words of geocoded tweets from October 2013 to November 2014. Red areas show higher relative usage, blue less. Of course, this is really how popular swear words are on Twitter rather than in real life, but it's still an interesting insight into the wonderful world of cussing. There are other -- some more offensive -- words mapped, but you should check out Grieve's Twitter feed to see them.






[Jack Grieve via Flowing Data]