Here’s A Service That Will Keep Your Team Constantly Connected

Here’s A Service That Will Keep Your Team Constantly Connected

The way we communicate within a business is changing rapidly. More and more services are attempting to streamline the way we connect with colleagues, collaborate on documents, and share files. With PureCloud Collaborate you can search for colleagues based on skill set, title, department, and more, allowing you to utilise your employee’s strengths to their full potential.

PureCloud Collaborate can enhance how a business communicates and interacts with internal employees. A great benefit from this is increased productivity. Because collaboration tools work best when they run in real-time, PureCloud Collaborate gives you access to searchable employee profile information, group chat rooms, video conferencing, desktop and file sharing.

For team-based collaboration, PureCloud Collaborate's built-in content management solution couldn't be more simple -- or secure. Documents can be easily shared inside your business whilst remaining on a highly secure, cloud-based storing network.

PureCloud Communicate is a service that offers sophisticated IP PBX capabilities which for one, gives personnel an ease of use around rotating between VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol or IP) and external phone lines. With the inclusion of auto-attendant, call recording, speech recognition, and unified messaging, PureCloud Communicate will meet the needs of even the largest organisations.

PureCloud Collaborate and PureCloud Communicate supports voice, video conferencing and is available as a smart phone application -- extending communications and collaboration to any device, including landlines -- for a more productive mobile workforce.

And if you have problems with sketchy internet, how does “remote survivability” sound? Interactive voice response and call recording functionality ensures that in the event of lost internet connectivity, the application data is always available.

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