Gerry Harvey Is On Twitter And All He Tweets About Is Horses

Retail mogul Gerry Harvey isn't really someone you expect to find on Twitter. His fractious relationship with the internet both in and out of his business means that his presence on Twitter is pretty surprising. What's more surprising is what the multi-millionaire uses it for: horses.

Image: Patrick Riviere/Getty

Harvey's username is @BaramulStud on Twitter. That's the name of the the stud Harvey owns in the New South Wales mid-west.

Despite Harvey's prolific hatred of all things internet, he actually doesn't use the account for anything but horse-talk.

Most of his tweets actually look like this:

Sometimes he retweets other accounts that say nice things about his horses.

Harvey has owned and bred some really successful racehorses in his time at the helm of Baramul Stud. Below is Polar Slipper's 2003 win at the Golden Slipper for example:

So if you're into rich people talking about horses, give him a follow.

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