Flying Man In Wing Suit Slices Right Through A Hole In A Mountain

Video: Flying man in wing suit slices right through a hole in a mountain

Video: It's never not pure insanity to fly in a wing suit. It's never not pure insanity to fly in a wing suit straight through a tiny sliver of a hole on a mountain. These devils of dare are made up of such extremes that they're not even human. Watch as extreme pyscho Uli Emanuele rip through a mountain after hiking it. Crazy doesn't even begin to describe it.


    I think I saw pretty much the same stunt in a Far Cry 4 clip. It's a bit more impressive in reality.

      A week after I got it, pretty much the only reason I played far cry was so I could fly around in a wing suit... But you're right, it's a little bit more impressive in reality.

      Less impressive was the two guys a few months ago who did not make it through the gap.

        Darwin Award?

          I think the "official" guidelines to the Darwin Award exclude extreme sports.

          I don't personally agree with that particular guideline.

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