Fly Through A World Of Software Like It's The Universe

Fly Through a World of Software Like It's the Universe

This might look like a journey through space, but in fact it's a shot from an interactive visualisation that allows you to explore software package managers like they're galaxies. It's... more fun than it should be.

Created by Andrei Kashcha, you can explore the software universe using keyboard keys to fly through the whole space. Kashcha explains what you can see:

Every dot here is a package. Position of a package is determined by force based graph layout algorithm and usually clusters together packages that depend on each other. Some packages are connected by lines. It means one package depend on another. Image above shows only very close connections. We can also see all connections, but the image becomes obscure by amount of connections.

You can explore the entire set at Code Galaxies.

[Code Galaxies via Flowing Data]

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