Explore Every Canyon And Volcano On Mars With NASA's New 3D Map

Explore Every Canyon and Volcano on Mars With NASA's New 3D Map

You've been able to explore interesting corners of Mars for years using Google Earth. However, NASA just one-upped the search giant with a data-rich interactive map that lets you peek into every nook and cranny, from the miles-high volcanoes to the sperm-shaped valleys. You can even reproduce them with a 3D printer!

The new Mars Trek tool is totally free and built with the help of the many NASA probes and rovers that have been watching the red planet for years. You can customise your view with multiple layers from the different data streams, offering you unique views like infrared and thermal imaging. Perhaps the coolest feature lets you pick the most prominent features and download a file that lets you 3D-print badass attractions like the Olympus Mons.


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