Check Your Windows 10 Motherboard Compatibility Before Upgrading

Getting on the Windows 10 bandwagon today? To make sure it all goes smoothly, it’s worth checking if your motherboard is ready to rock and roll. Both Gigabyte and ASUS have web pages dedicated to checking if your PC is Windows 10 ready.

While your existing Windows 7 and 8 drivers should be ok for Windows 10, many manufacturers have made sure everything will work as it should.

Microsoft themselves have a compatibility checker web page, but for now it still only shows Windows 8.1.

If you search for and click on a specific product, you can bring up the Windows 10 Technical Preview compatibility. Still, it’s frustrating this isn't ready for launch.

Check your Gigabyte products here.

Or point your browser this way for ASUS.

For users with other brands, keep an eye on the manufacturer's website for updates.

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