Build A Custom Multi-Functional USB-C Hub With These Modular Bricks

Build a Custom Multi-Functional USB-C Hub With These Modular Bricks

USB-C promises to be the all-in-one cable we've all dreamed about, but the first companies to adopt it are being stingy about how many ports they give us. It means USB expansion hubs are en vogue again, and the Cusby is the first to let you custom build one for your specific needs.

Available through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that's attempting to raise $US15,000, the Cusby modules can be connected and daisy-chained like Lego blocks, with each section offering unique functionality. At launch there will be three Cusby modules available: one that features a USB-C port for sending power through to your laptop, one that features a traditional USB port, and one with HDMI. Because you can connect as many of the modules as you want in a series, you can build a custom Cusby hub that's as long as you need so you don't have to swap out a USB accessory to make room for another one.

Build a Custom Multi-Functional USB-C Hub With These Modular Bricks

Future Cusby modules that include Thunderbolt, Display Port, and ethernet ports are planned, but those will presumably only be available if the first three modules are successful on Indiegogo. Individually they can be pre-ordered with a donation of $US39, but the better bargain is to go with the $US75 three-pack that gets you one of each.

So initially the Cusby modules will be an expensive solution to your laptop's minimal number of USB-C ports. But if successful, it hopefully means the price of those individual modules will drop as more are made available. Otherwise, if you're not willing to pay bleeding edge prices, it might be a better idea to wait a year for USB-C to become more widely adopted.

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