Beach Towel Board Games You Play With Discarded Bottle Caps

Beach Towel Board Games You Play With Discarded Bottle Caps


A day at the beach usually doesn’t involve board games because the sand will quickly gobble up dice, Monopoly hotels, and Scrabble letter tiles. But since building sand castles gets boring quick, someone’s created a series of board game beach towels that can be played with bottle caps, seashells, or even small rocks.

The four Gato games, which include variants on curling, soccer, auto racing, and even sumo wrestling, are played more like a game of Crokinole where players take turns flicking bottle caps, or whatever small objects they can find around the beach. The rules are different for each game, but what’s important is that they don’t rely on tiny tokens or random pieces that will easily get lost. And because the gameplay is so simple, you’re free to make up your own rules to keep things interesting.

The Gato game boards are also made from the exact same fabric as a regular old beach towel, so they can be used for lounging in the sand, drying off, or as a way to protect your car’s leather seats from soaking wet swimsuits.

The creators of the Gato Gaming Towels are going the Kickstarter route to help bring their creation to life, and a pledge of $US29 will get you a towel of your choosing, five bottle caps, and the team ever so slightly closer to their $US35,000 funding goal. [Kickstarter – Gato via Technabob]