Australia Gets To Enjoy Part Of Google Play's Game Sale

Google Play's "summer" sale, much like the Steam equivalent, is still applicable even if you live in the Southern Hemisphere. While you might not be able to cash in on all the deals going, there are a few you can pick up if you're willing to hunt them down.

Fortunately, no hunting is necessary this inverted season, thanks to Daniel Tyson over at Ausdroid, who has taken the time to select some of the better bargains on offer. So if you're in desparate need of an Android-powered gaming distraction, here are the choicer options:

As Tyson notes, if you hit up the sale directly, it'll show a number of games at full price, so if you do go looking yourself, be sure to check that you're actually getting a discount.

[Google Play, via Ausdroid]

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